A new campaign finance reform plan could get Democrats’ support

Sponsored link A new Democratic campaign finance plan could put Democrats on the defensive in their efforts to push for campaign finance reforms.

Democratic leaders have signaled they will try to bring their party’s agenda to the floor for a vote, after weeks of criticism from the Trump administration and GOP leaders who have long accused the party of stonewalling and blocking progress.

On Wednesday, the party released a new plan, unveiled by top leaders such as Sen. Bernie Sanders Bernard (Bernie) SandersOn The Money: Consumer bureau reels from racial controversy | Top Dem asks IRS to probe Trump taxes after NYT report | US firms cut ties with India-based companies | Trump vows to keep job-killing tariffs | Mnuchin to host Senate banking committee meeting in April Democrats and Sanders have been in a standoff over a plan to overhaul campaign finance law.

The party’s plan calls for a single-payer health insurance system, an increase in campaign contribution limits, and a new contribution cap on campaign donations of $27,400.

The proposal would also allow the Federal Election Commission to review the financial records of super PACs.

It also calls for the establishment of a new nonpartisan watchdog agency to oversee the financial industry, as well as for the creation of a super PAC dedicated to reforming campaign finance laws.

The plan is also designed to give the House of Representatives and Senate the power to investigate the financial sector and push back against potential conflicts of interest.

In the Senate, Democrats have pushed for a measure that would require companies to disclose the political activity of top executives in a bid to improve campaign finance disclosures.

But Republican leaders in the Senate have opposed any change to campaign finance rules, arguing that the current system is not working and would allow wealthy donors to avoid paying taxes on their money.