BMW says it plans to launch a car-sharing service, called CarMax, this year

Time title CarMax aims to make car-hailing services easier to use by offering a car sharing option for users who don’t have cars article CarMax has announced a launch in San Francisco, California, where it plans on offering car sharing for users without cars.

CarMax is planning to launch in the first quarter of 2018, with a goal of making the service available to users who aren’t able to use car-rental services like Uber and Lyft.

It said that it will use the car sharing service to complement its current offerings, including CarPlay and CarRental, in addition to allowing users to pay for rides using their phone or tablet.

The company said it plans “to introduce an expanded number of vehicles and services over the coming years.”

“The CarMax car-share platform provides a platform for users to get around the city, work, and shop while sharing cars and carsharing with each other,” CarMax CEO and founder Christian Schmidt said in a statement.

“This partnership allows us to provide customers with more value, faster and more conveniently.”

CarMax’s launch in SF comes amid growing concerns about car sharing, with concerns that companies like Uber, Lyft, and others are using the platform to profit by charging for trips and parking spots, and that car-pooling is displacing people with cars.

The tech company has said that its CarMax is not a car rental service, and instead will provide car-hare rentals to users that want to share cars.

Schmidt said in the statement that CarMax was also working on expanding its existing car-hire services, such as UberPool, in partnership with Lyft.

The announcement comes as a number of other companies, including Google, have said they plan to offer car sharing services in the coming months.