How to manage your personal finances better

You know you need to pay your bills on time, but that’s hard to know how much is too much?

If you have multiple credit cards, it’s not as easy to decide which is too expensive.

The average interest rate on credit cards is between 0.35% and 0.5%, according to credit reporting company Equifax.

In other words, paying off your credit card debt is about paying off the interest on that debt, not the principal.

So how do you know how to pay down your debt?

One way is to look at your credit score.

When you pay off your debt, the number of outstanding credit card balances and the amount you owe increases.

That means the amount of debt you have to pay off will decrease, too.

This is because if you keep paying off credit card bills at a rate of more than 1% a year, you are going to have to make some major cuts in your spending to pay for that debt.

Here are the things you can do to pay yourself off your debts.

Pay off your interest payments