The Google Finance spreadsheet that got Google fired over spy finance

A spreadsheet containing Google finance data was leaked on Thursday.

The document is the latest leak of internal Google documents that have made headlines in recent weeks.

Google said it would review the document, and the spreadsheet, as soon as it is published.

Google finance, which includes Google, Yahoo and AOL, is one of the most popular financial services companies in the world.

Google and Yahoo finance more than a billion users annually.

Google Finance, which is based on Google Analytics data, was originally created in 2013 to help finance the Google Ventures Fund.

It was created to help investors understand the impact of Google’s investments in other companies.

Google has also recently been trying to sell off some of its holdings in other businesses, such as Yahoo’s media division and AOL’s cloud computing business.

The spreadsheet contained information on Google’s corporate income tax expense, which allows investors to view how much of Google revenue is taxed at the U.S. company level.

The Excel spreadsheets were posted to the Google Finance website on Wednesday, the same day the spreadsheet was first made public.

Google had originally set the spreadsheet up to help employees understand the intricacies of the company’s financials, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal.

It later removed the information from the spreadsheet after the leak.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai said the spreadsheet should not be used for internal purposes and that it would be immediately reviewed.

“This spreadsheet is not related to Google Finance.

Google employees use it for their own internal purposes,” Pichais said in a statement.

Google also has previously said it had a spreadsheet containing financial data for Google’s stock market investments.

Pichares statement did not address the spreadsheet’s source.

Google shares rose on Thursday after the spreadsheet came out.

The stock is up more than 30% so far this year.

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