Apple Pay integration is imminent for iPhone, iPad, Mac

Apple Pay is coming to iOS 11 soon, and it’s expected to make its way to the iPad, MacBook, and Apple TV, according to sources familiar with the matter.

According to the sources, Apple Pay will make its debut in the iOS 11 beta of iOS 11, but it won’t be available for users in the U.S. until after it’s officially rolled out to the public.

The new features include:Apple Pay will support credit card, debit card, and cash advances from Apple Pay in addition to other types of payments.

Apple Pay can be used to make purchases at participating stores or through the App Store, and can also be used for online purchases.

Users will be able to make payments with Apple Pay using an Apple Watch, and a new app called “PayPal Cash” will let you pay with Apple’s card from anywhere.

The new Pay feature comes at a time when Apple has been working on a new iOS Wallet app, which has been delayed for a few weeks due to iOS 10.

The developer has also been working to integrate Apple Pay into its other products.

Apple will likely start rolling out Apple Pay support to Apple TV later this year, according the sources.