Hyundai finance chief: We’ll support the government’s plan to tax cars and hatchbacks

Hyundai Finance Chief Executive Officer Haruo Yutaka has said that the company will continue to invest in the country’s auto sector and “will not abandon its commitment to supporting the government of Japan as long as it continues to meet its fiscal and economic goals.”

Speaking to reporters after the news conference, Yutak said the company is committed to providing investment opportunities in the auto sector that help the Japanese economy.

“We will continue our support for the government as long we are in the position to invest, even though we will not abandon our commitment to Japan,” he said.

“The company has always supported the Japanese government in times of crisis.”

The company also said it will provide assistance to the government in its drive to achieve a surplus by 2020, and that it is willing to take on some risk in order to help the economy achieve a surpluses target.

It said it is investing in the Japanese auto sector in order “to ensure that we meet the target” of a surplus in 2020.

Yutak also said that Hyundai is not going to abandon its investment strategy, which aims to develop a mass-market car that will compete with Ford, General Motors and Toyota.

Hyundai’s finance head also said Hyundai has committed to “supporting the government to achieve its fiscal goals, including reducing the fiscal deficit and reducing debt.”

Hyundai Finance is one of the largest private financial firms in Japan.

Its chief executive officer is Haruo Yanagita, a veteran of the Japanese corporate sector.

He said Hyundai will provide “investment opportunities in China” in order that the Japanese company can continue to compete with foreign automakers.