Fintech startup is offering a way to sell your ideas to investors

Fintek is a new startup that is trying to reinvent the way investors think about the value of their ideas.

The team of five are looking to offer their ideas to anyone interested in a way that is completely transparent.

The company has already raised $20 million in a Series A round led by Sequoia Capital, and has a working product that allows people to share their ideas with their peers.

It’s not the first time Fintecek has been used as a platform for innovation.

Last year, they were the first to make it easy to buy and sell stock options on the stock exchange.

This is the first company to try to tackle the problem with an app.

Here’s how it works: Anyone can download the Finteek app and start searching for the right asset.

The app will provide an index of all the companies currently listed on the market, giving you a look at how much money is being made and who is buying it.

The Fintebox app then automatically searches the markets and looks for the company with the highest return on investment.

This index is then presented to investors who are interested in buying shares.

The algorithm will then ask them to bid on the company and give them the lowest price that they can pay.

If they do, they get their money back.

There is also an option to “sell” the shares, which is how investors can sell their own shares for a profit.

The only difference here is that the shares have a higher price because they are not listed on a stock exchange, so they will go up when the price rises.

The value of the idea is also transparent, meaning that anyone can see how much it would cost to acquire the company.

That is the key to making Fintezo an attractive option for people looking to invest.

The first thing that the founders are looking for is an idea that can be turned into a successful product.

“The main idea of the company is that we want to make our investors more efficient in their investment decisions.

By making the idea public, we want the value to be transparent,” Finteks CEO said.

“We want investors to know that we are transparent about how much is being invested in our business and that it is being used for good purposes.”

They want to create a platform that can attract a wide range of investors, from small companies to big companies.

“One of the key features of the app is that investors will be able to see exactly how much a given company is worth and what the future earnings are,” Fissenek CEO said, adding that he expects the app to be used by the average investor for more than $1 million per year.

The idea of being able to share the value that you have with others is important for Fintevo because it could help people understand their options and take more control over their investment choices.

For example, if an investor sees that their investment is making them rich, they might want to get involved in a company that might have a great product or raise funds to invest in.

The main idea behind Finteva is to allow investors to be more efficient, but it also means that the platform will need to cater to the needs of companies that are new and need help scaling their operations.

Finteca has already been using the app on a trial basis.

“So far we have been able to attract the most successful startups to our platform.

The biggest challenge is that, because the app does not show the actual investment, investors do not understand exactly how valuable the company they are interested on is.

So we will work on getting the app onto an official market and allowing investors to buy shares, if they wish,” Finstek CEO stated.

“But for now, we only want to work on making it available for investors who want to buy their shares,” he added.

There are many different types of investors.

Some want to invest their money in companies that offer good products and great opportunities.

Others want to see how the value is changing over time.

The second type of investor is people that want to share a few ideas and ideas with friends and family.

The third type is people who want a low cost investment option that will be used as long as the company remains alive.

Finstech will be partnering with existing investors in the hopes that the app can help to keep the value dynamic.

Fidensky is not the only one who has seen Fintetech work.

Other investors have used the app and found it to be a great tool for both short and long term investors.

Fisheem Shah, co-founder of the Silicon Valley-based crowdfunding platform Kickstart, was able to use the app for his own business when he sold a company to Finteech.

Fisker Automotive, a manufacturer of vehicle accessories, also uses Fintenecks app to help it manage the supply chain and deliver their products