Yahoo Finance has added Acima to its financing network

The parent company of Yahoo Finance announced on Thursday that it has added the Acima Finance Group to its portfolio of financing companies, making it the largest investor in Yahoo Finance.

Acima is the second-largest investor in the company.

Acimas investment in Yahoo is expected to be about $200 million.

Acima is also a member of Yahoo’s equity investment team, and is the sole shareholder of Yahoo, which it acquired for $4.4 billion in February 2014.

Acimanews, the other equity investor, has invested in Yahoo for about $100 million.

The Acima Group has been operating in India, and has invested over $3 billion in companies that focus on ecommerce, ecommerce platforms, and online retail, according to a company statement.

Acimas investments include the companies listed above, as well as companies in China, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and Ireland.

The company also has investments in a range of consumer-focused ventures, including consumer technology, smart appliances, and cloud computing, according the statement.

Yahoo Finance was launched in 2014 as a standalone unit of Yahoo.

It aims to offer financing products for Yahoo businesses, such as its popular online marketplace Yahoo Finance, as an option to investors, the company said in a press release at the time.

It plans to roll out the service in the coming months, according a press statement.