Amazon to offer first-of-its-kind financing for dental first

The world’s largest online retailer has unveiled plans to offer financing for first-time buyers of dental first, a category that includes the procedure and related procedures for the procedure.

According to the Seattle Times, the program will be available to people who have a history of having cosmetic dentures removed, which can cost anywhere from $100 to $500 depending on the type and the method.

Amazon says the program is designed to offer a loan of $150 if the buyer makes the necessary payments on time, and $500 if they have dental first surgery.

Amazon’s first-person dental first program has been around for several years, but the company has made little progress in attracting new customers, and the program has become more popular as its growth has slowed.

It’s not clear whether Amazon plans to expand the program beyond its current base of dentists, but it’s likely that it will offer financing to anyone who chooses to buy a cosmetic dental first procedure, given the number of dentistry graduates who have applied for the program.

Amazon has a history with cosmetic dentistry, offering its first-year tuition-free tuition to a group of students at the University of Washington.