Google Finance charged $1,000 for its personal finance software

A US financial services company charged more than $1.5 million for a personal finance application that was supposed to be free but was later billed $1 million for its software, according to federal prosecutors.

The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday that Google Finance Inc., which is headquartered in San Francisco, was sued in federal court by a former employee.

The lawsuit accused the software company of not telling its customers about the increased charge for its Personal Finance Suite.

The software company initially charged $59.99 for the software, but the increase was added after the company said the charges were for “administrative purposes.”

The software has since been removed from Google’s website, but Google said the charge was for administrative purposes.

The company said it was adding the charges to its “personal finance fee” after reviewing its policies.

“We do not charge additional fees for using our software to manage personal finances,” the company wrote in a statement.

“We also do not include these charges in our personal finance fee.”

Google Finance has faced criticism from privacy advocates, who say it has not properly disclosed how the software handles user data.

The company has said it will work to improve its privacy policies.