How to get a loan from Yahoo Finance

YAHOO FOOD AND FOOD SERVICES (YFFS) has added a new service to its existing platform that offers a new way to make payments with a credit card.The company is introducing YAHO FAST PAYTM, which allows customers to make money from their purchases with a Visa card.The new service, which was rolled out in partnership with […]

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Capital Automotive Finance: The Facts

Capital Automobile Finance (CAG) is a non-profit group that connects companies with investors, brokers, dealers and the like. Capital Automobiles Finance Group is a group of individuals who invest in and manage vehicles and associated products for individuals, businesses, and non-profits.CAG is a small non-for-profit, not-for profit, and it is not part of any of the […]

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Yamaha’s new regional finance platform aims to boost its sales

By Tom BoonenYamaha has made its local banking and finance systems a major focus in the company’s strategy for the global expansion of its local and global business.The Japanese automaker’s local finance system will become the first of its kind, as it launches a new platform that will allow investors to buy shares in local […]

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Nissan, Tesla: The carmaker’s future is still murky

Nissan is still in talks with the government about whether it will buy Tesla Motors, a key question in the company’s long-awaited acquisition of SolarCity, according to people familiar with the matter.The talks are at a preliminary stage, and the company isn’t in a position to announce any decisions before the summer, the people said.Tesla, […]

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How to save money with Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance is the most popular financial news source in the world, and it’s always easy to find interesting financial content and insights.It’s not only for the tech industry and tech investors, though.People in finance have a wealth of information available at every stage of the financial game, from how to make a good loan […]

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How much is a car loan worth?

A car loan calculator has revealed the average monthly payment for a vehicle loan, which includes interest and is publishing this article on the basis that the calculator has been created by the National Automobile Dealers Association, an industry group.Car loans can be purchased from the dealer, financed online or by a finance company, […]

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