Packers to pay for $1.2M security at Giants stadium

The NFL is moving forward with plans to pay off a $1 million security deposit for the new home of the Green Bay Packers and the Giants.

The NFLPA announced the plan Tuesday, with a $10 million security payment expected by the end of March.

The $1,200 deposit was originally set to be paid in August, but the team and the NFLPA agreed to delay payment until April.

The security deposit will be split evenly between the team, the league and the New York Giants.

A source told ESPN that the total amount of the security deposit is expected to be around $1 billion.

The Green Bay and Giants announced in December that the team was in negotiations to build a new stadium in St. Louis, and the team has since reached an agreement to move the team to Indianapolis.

The plan also includes a $100 million investment in the St. Clair Shores property in St Louis County.

The Packers will use the new $1-million-plus security deposit to finance the construction of a $50 million new home for the team in Stinson, Michigan, a source said.