Which stocks are worth buying?

With the US Federal Reserve set to lift interest rates on Wednesday, it’s time to take stock in the world’s best-performing stocks.

Here are some of the most important investments you can make this year:1.

AMD: AMD has risen dramatically in recent years, from around $100 per share in 2008 to around $170 per share today.

In 2017, the chip maker reported earnings of $21.6 billion.

The company is growing at a blistering clip, so it could be worth investing in now.2.

Mercedes-Benz: The German automaker is a perennial leader in the automotive industry, and this year it saw its earnings double from 2016.

It’s still a long way off the $20 billion it earned last year, but it’s the third-largest automaker in the US and has a big presence in the UK.

It has the most-used Mercedes model, the M-Class, and also makes the Mercedes-AMG GT.3.

eBay: If you want to be a geek and a bit of a geeky person, eBay is the place to be.

The online auction site has an incredible selection of art, toys, books, and music, as well as plenty of collectibles.

eBay also sells cars, furniture, electronics, and a host of other goods, so its value could rise.4.

Tesla Motors: Tesla is the world leader in electric cars, and it’s been on a huge upswing over the past few years.

The electric automaker saw its stock rise more than 40% in 2017.

Its market cap increased by more than $20 trillion.

It also has a huge amount of cash on hand, which could help the company get its cash-flow back up.5.

Apple: Apple is one of the biggest companies in the tech world, and in 2017 it announced a massive cash infusion to get itself back on track.

In 2018, Apple will have a new CEO in Steve Jobs, and he’s looking to get it back on its feet.

If the stock keeps rising, Apple could be the right buy.6.

Twitter: The social network is a huge business in the United States, and its stock has climbed in recent weeks.

This year, the company said it would invest more than a billion dollars into Twitter and other social media properties.7.

Twitter (TWTR): The social media company is valued at over $1 trillion, and the stock has risen from just over $30 in 2016 to more than half a trillion dollars today.

The stock could rise a bit further in 2018.8.

Facebook: Facebook is a popular way to connect with your friends.

Facebook’s stock is also growing, and if it continues to do so, its value will increase.9.

Google: Google is a giant search engine, and Google has risen by more as the company’s share price has risen.

The search giant is valued by some at $8 trillion, so if you want a tech stock, Google is worth it.10.

Twitter’s stock: Twitter is a social network, and Twitter’s value is soaring.

It could rise to around twice its current value, which is huge.11.

Google (GOOG): The search engine company is a large player in the social media space, and Facebook is the dominant search engine in the U.S. It should have a good year.12.

Nike: Nike is a leading sports brand, and Nike has risen sharply over the last few years, with its stock soaring in 2017 from less than $10 in 2015 to over $25 today.

If you’re a Nike fan, you can bet the stock is going to keep rising.13.

Facebook (FB): Facebook is one the biggest social media platforms, and you can count on its value to rise.

Its stock could be a big buy this year.14.

Amazon: Amazon is one big player in retail, and Amazon is valued more than Walmart, Target, and Walgreens combined.

Amazon is also one of Facebook’s biggest markets, so you should invest in Amazon.15.

Amazon (AMZN): Amazon’s value has soared since its debut in 1998.

It is now worth more than Walgreen, Walmart, and Target combined.16.

Amazon’s stock market value: Amazon has more than doubled since its inception, and investors are still betting that it will continue to grow.

If it continues on its upward trajectory, it could grow even bigger in the coming years.17.

Google Ventures: Google Ventures is a venture capital firm that has raised $1.5 billion over the years, and some of that money could be used to boost the company.

That’s why the firm is one to watch.18.

Apple (AAPL): Apple is the largest online retailer in the country, and Apple’s stock has soared in recent months.

It might not be a flashy stock, but the stock’s value could be going up, too.19.

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