‘No one wants a bad deal’: Florida Governor’s office rejects credit cards for hurricane victims

FIND OUT MORE CAROLINA — In a rare public statement, the state of Florida is rejecting credit cards and other financial incentives for the recovery from Hurricane Matthew, saying that the government would not allow anyone to use them for personal expenses.

The state said in a statement Friday that it would not accept any such assistance for those that need it most, including hurricane victims.

Florida Governor Rick Scott, a Republican, has faced criticism from some Republicans for not pushing back on the flood insurance program that Florida received from the federal government and is now struggling to re-create.

Scott has said that the federal disaster relief fund was intended for hurricane recovery, not for personal spending.

Scott is scheduled to deliver a speech on Monday at the National Governors Association in Rhode Island that includes his proposal to limit financial assistance for homeowners.

The governor’s office said Friday that no financial assistance would be accepted from credit cards, debit cards or other financial products.

Florida does offer some relief to residents, but not enough to pay for any of the costs of the flood, said Scott’s spokesman, Scott Johnson.

He said that Scott and other officials have been working with the state’s Disaster Relief Fund to make sure that residents are receiving the appropriate relief to recover from the storm.

In its statement, Florida said that it was not making any changes to the state flood insurance system, which it has been using for several years.

The state, along with a number of other states, has also issued flood insurance cards to residents to help them cover flood costs, but the cards do not cover flood damage, including damage to homes and businesses.

People are still receiving flood insurance in some areas, but most people will not receive flood insurance, said David Gavitt, spokesman for the Florida Disaster Relief Agency.

Flood insurance is a financial product that provides financial assistance to residents and businesses, and it is used for most types of damage from natural disasters, Gavett said.

Floods can also be expensive to repair, and there are no guarantees that it will cover the cost of repairs, he said.

Some people in Florida are still not receiving flood protection insurance, because they do not have insurance, Givitt said.

The flood insurance benefits are available to anyone, regardless of whether they are a homeowner or a business, or whether they own property or not, he added.

About 10% of all Floridians have a credit card, according to the Florida Department of Insurance.

It has an annual fee of $35 for a single card and $55 for a family card.

The agency said it had issued about $30 million in flood insurance payments to homeowners and businesses in Florida since Matthew hit the state last week, and said the money had been distributed through the state Emergency Management Agency.