Why is Kubota financing a football club?

KUBOTA, Japan — It’s not every day you see a stadium full of Japanese footballers getting their hands on the pitch at a game.

But that’s what happened when Kubota Financial Group, a Japanese conglomerate that runs the KFC Group of Companies, was able to convince Japanese authorities that its soccer team, FC Tokyo, could build a stadium in the southern Japanese city of Tokyo that would house around 20,000 fans for matches and other events.

In exchange, the Japanese government agreed to help cover the cost of the stadium.FC Tokyo, which plays in the top division of the Japanese soccer league, announced the stadium plans on its official website on Tuesday.

The club said that the stadium would cost the city of 1.9 billion yen ($15.9 million) — about $20 million — to build.FC Japan will begin construction of the KF Stadium in August.

The city is expected to get its first kick-off match of the 2017-18 season on Aug. 27.FC is the first Japanese team to enter a major international sporting event.

It’s the first team to take part in the FIFA World Cup, which it has played in every year since the first tournament in 1990.

The club also has ties to soccer in China and South Korea.

The Japanese government has not publicly approved the construction of a soccer stadium, but local officials said last year that they would welcome it if it was built.

The KF stadium is being built on land that once belonged to the city’s city council, which owned the land.

The land is now owned by FC Tokyo and the city council has been unable to sell the land for the project because of the lack of approval.KF Stadium will be built next to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building.

The stadium will be connected to the metro system by underground tunnel.

The project will include a hotel, restaurants, shops, residential and commercial developments, and a stadium for FC Tokyo’s home soccer team.