Apple’s $35 billion financing round: What you need to know

Apple, along with its chief executive, Tim Cook, has said it expects to complete the financing for the financing in the first quarter of next year, a figure that could be much higher.

It will take Apple about 18 months to pay back the money, Cook has said, and the company expects to make up the difference by selling the company’s shares.

The financing would be the largest ever for an American company, Apple said.

The finance comes as the company has come under fire for its management style and practices.

Cook, a former Apple CEO, has been criticized for overseeing an environment where workers were paid far less than the national average and many were not able to afford their own health insurance.

The company has said that it has done a lot to reduce that gap, and Cook has called for better management of compensation.

He said the company is making a concerted effort to improve conditions for workers, and he has pledged that all workers will have access to health insurance for up to five years after they leave the company.

He has also pledged to improve the company for the next generation of employees.

In recent weeks, Apple has faced criticism for its treatment of its employees, including its use of overtime.

In December, the U.S. Labor Department said that Apple had paid its full-time employees in excess of $12 million each year since 2014, but it did not specify what that meant.

Apple has also faced scrutiny over the use of the temporary foreign worker program, which allows workers from countries other than the U and Canada to come to the U, to fill certain jobs.

The program was meant to fill a growing shortage of U.s. workers in China, but Apple has said in recent weeks that it would be reducing that number by the end of the year.

Apple also has faced accusations that it did too little to address the rampant sex abuse allegations against senior executives, including one former executive who was accused of sexually abusing a female employee in 2015.

The latest controversy has led to some calls for Cook to step down.

In the past, Cook and other executives have said that the company does not believe it is responsible for the sexual abuse.

Cook has also said that he will stay on as chief executive for the rest of the company, though he is expected to step aside at some point in the next year.