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A recent Yahoo Finance article quotes Yahoo Finance, one of the leading e-commerce companies in the world, as saying that its e-book publishing platform was “a lot of fun.” 

“The e-books are great for a lot of different purposes.

I was thinking about doing them at the end of my day and I’ve been thinking about it a lot,” Yahoo Finance’s CEO Dan Schulman said in the article.

“The ebooks are fantastic for people who have been struggling with their income.

I know that a lot more people don’t have the time to read, or the inclination, to do that.” 

This is a pretty bold statement, and the implication that e-reading is a time-consuming process is certainly in keeping with the current status of e-readers in the US. 

For years, Yahoo has been experimenting with its ebooks platform, which it announced in October 2014.

At the time, the company said that its plans to expand to the United Kingdom, Ireland, Brazil, France, India, the UK, and Australia. 

The company’s goal, Schulmans said, was to help people get into e-reader usage and get them engaged with its content. 

“There are lots of ways to get into a different reading experience, but we thought that we could do something different and better,” he said. 

At the time of writing, Yahoo Finance is the only major media publisher to publish an e-Book in the U.S. In the article, Schurman said that the e-Books were “a way to get more people engaged and get people reading.

We have to be careful not to just go on autopilot with the eBooks.” 

The article also quoted an unnamed employee of Yahoo Finance who said that Yahoo’s publishing platform had been the biggest success for the company. 

While Yahoo has a very loyal fan base and an enthusiastic user base, the CEO acknowledged that it has not been able to replicate its success with the other publishers, such as Amazon and Google. 

Schulman explained that Yahoo has “a ton of great content” and that “we have a lot in the pipeline that is a little bit different than what Amazon and the other platforms can do, but our content is still great.” 

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