How to buy a Subaru Subaru, and Chase subaru, with Kia Finance

Kia and Chase have announced the new Chase Subaru Finance account.As of now, it only works with Chase’s Subaru finance service, which is limited to its flagship model, the 2017 Subaru Legacy.This means that the new account is only accessible through Chase.However, it also allows you to use Chase’s sub-prime financing program.As Chase has confirmed […]

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How to buy the most expensive home in America

The average price of a single-family home is set to rise by $6,700 this year, according to a report from the real estate website Trulia.The report predicts that single- and multifamily home prices will rise by an average of $8,300 this year.The report estimates that home prices in many areas of the country are at […]

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How to get the best interest rate for your Apple financing

If you’re looking to borrow, or buy an Apple iPhone or iPad, you may be wondering whether you should be getting a fixed rate or a variable rate.Here’s what to look out for.What is a fixed-rate loan?A fixed- rate loan is a loan that gives you the right interest rate, which is usually fixed, for […]

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Yahoo Finance: Yahoo’s financials ‘totally screwed up’

Yahoo Finance’s chief financial officer, Andrew Ries, said that Yahoo has a “very, very good” financials team but said that its financials have been “totally messed up” by the company’s recent restructuring and merger with AOL.Yahoo Finance CEO Andrew Rieger said in a statement that the company “failed to address the issues raised by our […]

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What is the future of Aqualife and Aquacoin?

Aqualive is a cryptocurrency, a decentralized, private, peer-to-peer financial platform.Its main goal is to provide a financial services platform for the global public.It aims to create an open-source platform with a decentralised network that will provide people the ability to trade digital assets and financial services using only their smartphones, and without the need to […]

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