What is the future of Aqualife and Aquacoin?

Aqualive is a cryptocurrency, a decentralized, private, peer-to-peer financial platform.Its main goal is to provide a financial services platform for the global public.It aims to create an open-source platform with a decentralised network that will provide people the ability to trade digital assets and financial services using only their smartphones, and without the need to […]

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How to use the tax code to pay for the aqua industry

A few weeks ago, we reported on a new report from the U.S. Census Bureau that found the nation is home to a staggering number of aqua mines and aquaculture businesses.The study found that nearly half of the $17.3 trillion in economic activity in the United States is tied to aquacultures, with some industries accounting […]

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How Samsung Financed Its Own Crisis

By Amy EckerstromSeptember 21, 2018 09:10:57The Samsung Financing fiasco began in early October when the company began to lose money.Then, last week, the company announced it had decided to sell its entire manufacturing business to Chinese company Huawei, the world’s second-largest smartphone maker.The sale was meant to allow Samsung to return to profitability, and analysts […]

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