When the low-cost mortgage bubble burst: How high will it go?

The US financial crisis of 2008 triggered the biggest housing bubble since the Great Depression.The housing bubble was fuelled by an overvaluation of the housing market, with high prices and a high number of homeownership.The bubble burst in 2008 and forced the financial system to collapse.The government had borrowed trillions of dollars in housing to […]

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What’s the biggest reason companies are laying off workers?

Fears about the health of the economy are leading companies to trim their workforce.While some analysts have warned of a labor market that’s not in its prime, other analysts are forecasting that the labor market will rebound, even as corporate profits and revenue remain weak.Here’s a look at some of the biggest reasons companies are […]

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What is the latest on the Bank of China?

The Bank of Japan is set to be replaced by a new entity that will control a $100 trillion bank, according to an analyst.That’s according to Bloomberg News, which cited a source familiar with the bank’s thinking.The source added that the replacement will likely occur as early as next month, which will see the end […]

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The Google Finance spreadsheet that got Google fired over spy finance

A spreadsheet containing Google finance data was leaked on Thursday.The document is the latest leak of internal Google documents that have made headlines in recent weeks.Google said it would review the document, and the spreadsheet, as soon as it is published.Google finance, which includes Google, Yahoo and AOL, is one of the most popular financial […]

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