Google Finance Gme: Google Finance for YEAs

Google Finance is the new payment processor for your YEAns, allowing you to accept and pay in bitcoin, and even fiat.It’s like a cross between Paypal and Western Union.And you can accept payments from almost any company in the world.Here’s how it works: First, you open an account with Google.It looks something like this: You […]

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The ‘Great GMS’ is coming to your Google Finance account

The digital financial platform Google Finance will soon offer a tool for lending money to your friends and family, as part of its ambitious new effort to build a global community of people who can borrow from one another.The company will soon add a new option to the platform that lets users lend money directly […]

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The Google Finance spreadsheet that got Google fired over spy finance

A spreadsheet containing Google finance data was leaked on Thursday.The document is the latest leak of internal Google documents that have made headlines in recent weeks.Google said it would review the document, and the spreadsheet, as soon as it is published.Google finance, which includes Google, Yahoo and AOL, is one of the most popular financial […]

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