Why you should be buying these NFL-branded products and services

The NFL is in the midst of a consumer revolution.With NFL Network, ESPN, the NFLPA and more, the league is providing a platform for fans to experience the game and experience the world of football.But how can a fan keep up with all the information?It’s a daunting task.Here’s how to do just that.1.Start by downloading […]

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How to beat the rising mortgage rates

When you hear about a mortgage rate hike, you can expect the buzz of anticipation and panic.But for some, there’s a much simpler explanation: mortgage rates are just too high.And that explanation is not that different from the one offered by the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve, which has been pushing to raise interest rates for […]

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When the low-cost mortgage bubble burst: How high will it go?

The US financial crisis of 2008 triggered the biggest housing bubble since the Great Depression.The housing bubble was fuelled by an overvaluation of the housing market, with high prices and a high number of homeownership.The bubble burst in 2008 and forced the financial system to collapse.The government had borrowed trillions of dollars in housing to […]

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Microsoft plans to use machine learning to predict what a patient’s dental plan will be for them

Microsoft will use machine-learning to predict which dental plans a patient will have to make when they first start their life in the United States, a new Microsoft report says.The study says Microsoft has been testing the capabilities of artificial intelligence to help doctors understand patients’ dental needs in a variety of ways, including providing […]

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