Yahoo Finance: Yahoo’s financials ‘totally screwed up’

Yahoo Finance’s chief financial officer, Andrew Ries, said that Yahoo has a “very, very good” financials team but said that its financials have been “totally messed up” by the company’s recent restructuring and merger with AOL.Yahoo Finance CEO Andrew Rieger said in a statement that the company “failed to address the issues raised by our […]

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Capital Automotive Finance: The Facts

Capital Automobile Finance (CAG) is a non-profit group that connects companies with investors, brokers, dealers and the like. Capital Automobiles Finance Group is a group of individuals who invest in and manage vehicles and associated products for individuals, businesses, and non-profits.CAG is a small non-for-profit, not-for profit, and it is not part of any of the […]

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How to use data to build a smart money strategy

I know that the concept of data in financial markets has been around for a long time.I am not alone in that opinion.In fact, I think it is pretty much universally understood that it is the primary tool in financial management.So why is it so misunderstood?Part of it is that there are many different kinds […]

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