How to beat the rising mortgage rates

When you hear about a mortgage rate hike, you can expect the buzz of anticipation and panic.But for some, there’s a much simpler explanation: mortgage rates are just too high.And that explanation is not that different from the one offered by the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve, which has been pushing to raise interest rates for […]

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Yahoo Finance has added Acima to its financing network

The parent company of Yahoo Finance announced on Thursday that it has added the Acima Finance Group to its portfolio of financing companies, making it the largest investor in Yahoo Finance.Acima is the second-largest investor in the company.Acimas investment in Yahoo is expected to be about $200 million.Acima is also a member of Yahoo’s equity […]

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90 Day Finance: Best Financial Books for Everyone

Posted August 07, 2018 09:37:16 With the latest version of the popular free e-book finance app, 90 Day Finances, it’s time to see what the best financial books are for anyone looking to save or invest.The app includes a wealth of financial advice to help you make better decisions in the most efficient way possible.This […]

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How to buy a house in Sydney for less than $2 million

More than 30,000 houses in Sydney’s inner-city have been sold for less that $2.5 million since the federal government introduced a new stamp duty holiday in November last year.The stamp duty, which is a one-off fee paid to residents of NSW, Victoria and Queensland, is meant to encourage more people to buy houses and encourage […]

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Yahoo Finance AMCs $500M IPO will provide for ‘further growth’ in Alibaba and Google’s search engine business

Yahoo Finance reported Thursday that it had raised $500 million in a deal that would create the second largest private equity fund in the United States.Alibaba’s will be the second-largest fund in America.The deal will give Yahoo the opportunity to continue its growth in search engine and digital advertising businesses and will allow Yahoo […]

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When will the market crash?

A lot has changed since the market collapsed.We now have a very different set of expectations from what we had at the end of the market.In a previous article, I talked about what this means for the market, and what we can expect.It is also worth noting that the market has not changed dramatically since […]

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